Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Chillin Like Villains

Healing and mealing

After finding Robert on the side of the road, we knew we must take him with us to Stony Sept, where Maester Thad could begin to properly heal him.

Once we arrived, it was clear that Robert would need to rest for an extended period before he would be able to move. Our band's service to the rebellion is most important in this moment, so I bought everyone their meals for the time we spent healing Robert. I'm such a nice guy! While spending time around town, I come to learn that the town is supportive of Robert's rebellion, and most would be willing to hide Robert in their own homes if they were asked. 

After a week or two, we received word that Targaryen forces were headed towards the town to search for Robert. In the days that follow, we decide to hide Robert in a house right across from the inn, thinking that the maidens could be used to distract any soldiers that got too close to Robert's hiding spot. Calaila, Thad, and Maelys would stay in the house with Robert, Dolins would stake out the inn, and I would keep watch in the bell tower.

The forces finally arrived! SO MANY BAD GUYS! THOUSANDS! The bells in the tower began to ring, and I gave the signal that enemy forces were arriving by land! One lantern!


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