Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

As we approach the doorway of the Winter Reprieve, the noises of a booming tavern tumble out. Teddy buys me an ale, and flips Jamie an owed gold dragon for information regarding the Coldwater dagger from the last time we were in Gulltown. We chat of safer streets, improved business, and…Terry. With the nudge of a few more gold dragons from Teddy, Jamie shares that Terry came through here not too long ago, and is likely looking for her son in Old Town and Lannisport, common destinations for the Duke. With ales in hand, I perch myself at a quiet bench in the corner, and listen in on the chattering of the locals.

When we get up to leave Teddy pats his pockets and realizes in horror that his purse has been cut. He jumps up to speak with Jamie, and I head to the door to prevent anyone from leaving. A few moments later, a distressed looking woman heads towards the stairs. I yell to Dolins across the busy bar and motion towards her, and he skips after her. I follow and poke Teddy in the side on my way towards the staircase, and as I squeeze around this woman, I reach into her pockets to grab Teddy’s coin purse. At this point, the woman draws her dagger and points it towards me.

We face off, weapons drawn at the top of the stairway, and as commotion grows in the dining room, I order the woman to return the coin purse, if only for her own good. She hesitates but eventually relents, and tosses the purse to me with a mumble. With a nod of the head, I motion to her to head upstairs, and I hide the coins and put away my stiletto before returning to the main room.

A few men standing with Teddy ask if we got it back, but not wanting them to know how much money I have on me, I offer a vague answer and walk quickly towards the door.

When Teddy finally emerges, I urge him to head towards the Rambis right away, as many armed (and potentially greedy) men could be close behind. He agrees, and on our brisk walk in the cold evening’s air, I think about how heavily the lordling has been leaning on me lately to clean up his careless messes.


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