Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Coming up in the world and refining myself

Clink goes maesterly

All without the constant threat of death. Not a bad way to spend some time. Farewell for now. Carsen

Now that I am an Honorable Knight of house Jasper it is time I, Clink, take on some scholarly pursuits. I also wish to document my rise as the finest knight of the 7 kingdoms. It was just my luck that as I passed a farm, I came across a wretched farmer who had a book he no longer needed. The fool didn’t know what he had in his possession, even though he all but said these pages are done in Valyrian Guiding. This book is exquisite, and it only cost me 2 dragons. I almost feel bad for the old man, but as they say a book for a farmer is like nipples on a breastplate. I will do far better with this than he ever would, and worst case I can always sell it for a tidy profit!


Very clever tying of Carsen and Walder!


Any guesses on what Valyrian Guilding is made of?


This seems like the set up to a joke…


It’s his journal pages dipped in Tin

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