Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Darron Sucks

Maybe Jardon's not so bad...

For weeks I put this motley crew up at my farm. I feed them, I let Ned heal. Ned says he needs to get to White Harbor, but that he needs to rest first. FINE. That is just fine. Jardon is also resting up. But this Darron fellow… He is lazy AF. I ask him to help me fix some fences around the farm as I could use the help and he isn't doing anything, but he flat out refuses. Some people have no gratitude. Luckily for me this Ned fellow is far more understanding. He paid me 30 silver for my hospitality!! While he didn't really heal up much he said his travel was urgent so on we went. We booked a ship and set sail for White Harbor!


daniel_burns_jr StevelKnievel