Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Deadly Spelunking

Upon our travels, we met House Linderlys on a mountain pass, and Dolins presented our group to the house with a spirited song. Unimpressed, the man we would come to learn is John Linderlys clapped slowly, and admonished us for not introducing ourselves to the house before trying to cross his lands. Disgusted with our house heir's lack of diplomacy, it was ultimately I offered him the letter we were given, which was promptly torn up. John stated he was not interested in the letters of men who do not rule over his lands, and was far more likely to be persuaded to let us pass if we could offer him gold or sport. Dolins bravely challenged him to knife throwing fight, but lost and offered his dagger as an award to John. Lord Linderlys accepted, and allowed us to carry on our way.

In a terrible storm on our way to Gulltown, we struggled to find shelter, and the maester suffered greatly in the cold. Finally, Teddy put himself to use and found a cave. As we started exploring the cave, we split up, Teddy and I to the east, and Dolins and Thad to the west. As I peeked around the next corner in the cave with my lantern, I heard Dolins yell for help, and sprint towards his voice. As I approach, with Teddy trailing close behind me, I slow down to set down my lamp and see Dolins on the ground, suffering from wounds and very weak. Charging forward, I stab one of the attackers in the neck with all my might (and using two destiny points), and he crumples at my feet, still on fire. The other turned on his heel and hit me (3 points damage). Thankfully, Dolins stepped in and finished the job, with our attacker yielding. 


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