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House Jasper

Deep in a maester's thoughts

I’ve finally got the bleeding to stop. It took quite a bit of bandaging and took a good long while but now it just hurts. The throbbing will hopefully stop sometime. Once I rebandage things up, I go and take care of Jardon. Then I head up to the top deck to get a bit of sunshine. Once up there, I see Carsen being questioned by Teddy. The new Sir Dolins (so proud to call my dear friend that) is standing nearby. I’m sure he is protecting over Teddy. I walk over to join in the conversation.

It sounds like Teddy thinks Calaila was killed by Carsen. I am really quite confused by this. I have told Teddy several times about why I believe Rusty is the murderer. The timeline for Carsen just doesn’t fit! Calaila was not kind to Carsen before they left, he insisted on going with her as she was hurt, then he came back upset as she had been nasty to him. I don’t find this suspicious at all. Calaila could be very biting with her words. Then, after Carsen had been back for a while, Calaila did show up nervous about the visit with Rusty earlier and stated that Rusty had threatened her and she collected her things and told me she would see me later. Who knows what happened to her during those hours without Carsen. She could have been approached by Rusty again. The whole thing seems very suspicious. Rusty is sketchy to begin with and Calaila has always had a mysterious past. It all reminds me of a few times she has gotten in trouble in our travels. She runs away quickly with no plan for what to do next. The poor girl must have gotten caught up in something again.

But back to Carsen. What on earth would be his motive? I don’t hear Teddy mention anything. I do hear Teddy say he is a faceless man, which surprises me. I zone out a bit and start thinking through what I know of the faceless men. They try to make the deaths look like an accident, which this was an obvious killing. It is also normally best practice if the victim doesn’t notice the killer coming, which Calaila obviously noticed as it took several shots to fell her. And there is still the lack of motive. That is really catching me up. Calaila and Carsen seemed to get along normally, minus Calaila’s mean streaks. I just don’t see it.

I also don’t understand why Teddy isn’t listening to me. He keeps talking about Thomas’ recollection. Does he not see that the boy is but a child? He hardly notices anything! He is a good enough boy, and by the gods, he seems to try so hard, but he is young and distractible. And here I am, a full grown cross-dressing maester, and I’m being completely ignored. It’s starting to get really frustrating. At least Dolins seems to understand my logic. Thank goodness I have him.

After this frustrating conversation is over, I head into town to the same shop as before. I am in search for a prosthetic glove for my poor hand. I don’t want this wound to be so noticeable. Unfortunately, the shop owner doesn’t have anything like that. I head back to the ship and start reading on the deck. Then I hear the Elishams arrive! I look down and see Septon Hugo and RUSTY?? Again?? This man.

I hurry over to Teddy who is with Carsen and Dolins and warn them all that I think Rusty is responsible for Calaila and I ask them to be careful. I also hope that this will spur Teddy on to talk to the man. Maybe question him a bit. Me and my bandaged hand will stay on deck. Sparring with words has never been my strength regardless. A maester knows her place.
I head back to Jardon and point out the foolish septon who came to administer his last rights. He sure isn’t looking perfect, what with the missing eye and now the missing leg, but he is not dead! How his poor new bride will react, I am not sure…

I see them chatting on the dock and it looks like nothing is said to Rusty before they head back! What the heck Teddy! I am not sure what to do with him. We quickly head out after this, back to home, leaving Calaila’s ashes and sad last memories on the beach.

Back at Snownook, we are all called for an audience. We are welcomed home and Lady Elyse asks how we all are and questions Calaila’s death. She is upset that we had left without finding who murdered her. I need to talk to her. She instead, asks to speak to Teddy about it and when I ask to join, Teddy says no. I’ll have to find a private audience with her.


Motive for Carsen-calaila was on her way to tell Carsen’s liege lord that it was Carsens fault that Teddy’s big secret was just outed to one of the most insidious criminals In the 7 kingdoms 😬 the conversation about which Thad was present for!

Deep in a maester's thoughts

I believe Jardon spilt the beans!

Deep in a maester's thoughts

Jardon did, but he had the opportunity to because Carsen gave rusty an audience with him when he was shmammered 😂 calaila openly blamed Carsen for inviting him aboard to meet with drunk Jardon! Calailas death aside, no one seems too worried about rusty having Knowledge of teddys tax evasion and lying to the crown… I have a strong suspicion that’s going to come and bite House jasper in the ass!

Deep in a maester's thoughts

But if it doesn’t, think of the piles of gold dragons we will have!!!

Deep in a maester's thoughts
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