Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Don't piss off the lady with the poisons....

The tale of the bard and maester continues...

The great Lordling Teddy goes off to talk with Lord Whent for a while as we are all in the hall of 35 actual hearths. As I am standing there bored, I think about what I can do for the time they are squirreled away chatting. I turn to my bud Dolins and say, hey, lets go check out the decrepit 3rd floor as Calaila is tending to our lady. He agrees! Huzzah! Something to do!

We trek up and on the 2nd floor of the ghost tower, I notice it is getting colder and more dusty. On the 3rd floor, we start hearing noises from the room at the end of the hall… We creep up and push the door open. And in the room is creepy Brinda! Dolins and his quick whit gives her a riddle that she does not understand. Guliver peeks out of my pocket but then burrows back in, away from the creepy lady. I for some reason feel Guliver may be in danger… So I make sure to secure the button of the pocket… Lest someone try to SELL MY CAT!

Anyways. We chat with Brinda who tells me that in the future she sees me and my friends hiding… From what, she does not say. I have her look at the shield and she says that the night must refer to the long night and the children are the children of the forest. So Tothmere must be correct. Brinda also says that the children are beyond the wall.

Wise Dolins asks her if her visions are certain or if they can be changed. She says they can change but it is hard to do. She also states that neither the stag nor the dragon will gain the throne in the rebellion. She reiterates how we must get inside the tomb.

We leave the castle and head to tend to a sick girl, Sheera. I hear she may have consumption. I ready myself to enter the room alone but brave Dolins comes with me! How nice he is to me. Sheera definitely has consumption… I feel a bit of it coming on as well… I treat her with a fungus I know to help as well as some bark tea to soothe her sore throat. We wait a few days and Sheera keeps improving! I was under the weather for a day but then bounced right back. Guliver sure has improved my spirits and health!

Lady Elyse states we must get going. I then notice Teddy looking longingly at Sheera… HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? That wench. Ah well. Teddy seems completely uninterested in me. He also keeps throwing dangerous looks at Guliver… Maybe he isn't the man I thought he was. I will have to weigh my affections of this spiteful man…. We ready to head to Stoney Sept, the town is overrun as there are no military to keep order. And we head on the road!

We are traveling for many days when we happen upon a traveler on the ground. We notice he has a warhorse and I can hear him moaning from pain. I hear Calaila behind me whispering that we should just keep going, but that is not a maester's way. I must help those who I can! I dismount and head over to him. It appears that he may have several broken bones and cuts, part of an arrow is in his arm. I ask him his name. He states he is Robert Baratheon…. I have a moment of sleepy forgetfulness and then Teddy reminds me he is the head of our rebellion! How could I have forgotten! We gather him up and move him so I can help treat his wounds.


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