Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Teddy, Dolins and I sneak around the building and listen in to the decrepit walls and windows.  In the back, I press my ear up to a window, straining to hear the scratch of quill on parchment. When I return to the front, Dolins and Teddy have convened after spying into the windows. We agree to use the strategy we just employed with Devon, and pretend to be merchants seeking to buy liquor to sell in the markets. Not wanting to sppok our hosts, we tell Ser Denys to hang by the door, and to come in if he hears any trouble.

A gruff man, who eventually introduces himself as Darrell, reluctantly lets us in, and puts a few crude glasses of their grain liquor in front of us. A woman in tattered clothing named Gilda joins us in the main room as well, but neither of them lets on to their attitudes about their visitors. We try to make some small talk, but it isn't until we share that we might be interested in buying some other unique goods that we have the chance to look further into the building.

Darrell leads us past several closed doors and long, quiet hallways to a room in the back where a table of unique goods, including the Coldwater dagger, stands. We express our interest, but do our best to play it cool. We muse about coming back tomorrow to get a better look at the items in the light. As we're leaving the room, I purposefully spill a few silvers on the ground, and Darrell stoops to help me pick them up, as well as take a few for his own. When I think Teddy has had a sufficient amount of time to swipe the dagger, I stand and we head towards the exit. 


Passing a door which was formerly closed, I turn and see the owner of this familiar voice. Olivia's cold stare sends chills into my gut. She yells "HELP!", reaches for her weapon with her one arm, and ambushes me, stabbing me twice as I turn to run away. I stumble into the hallway, hear doors in the building open, commotion tumble out of the rooms, and see Gilda round the corner, armed with two dirks.

"That woman is crazed…please let me go," I beg her, blood saturating my cloak and dripping onto the ground. Her eyes widen, and she presses against the wall, allowing me to pass. As Ser Denys crashes in towards the commotion, I rush past him and run towards the door….


Cliff hanger! Courtesy of my internet shitting out

Doom in the Distillery
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