Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Down Little Doggy

Viiiiiiictoooory!!!! (FYI This is 2 weeks in the past)

He is lucky I covered for him. Silly Jardon getting himself in a fight to death with the Water's twins was dumb (and suicidal with his injuries). I don't blame him for no-showing, I too would choose life. I sold our Lord and the others on a story that he must have been abducted as his honor would not allow for anything else. The way I wove the words together, I almost convinced myself! Damn I'm good! 

Into this awkward void Lord Ronnel made his announcement: "A competition is to be had! A series of 5 events to determine who will be the next Master-of-Arms. The Bargest Hunt, Throwing,  Shooting, a Joust and a Melee. This is a prestigious position and you should all be trying your hardest for the good of yourself and the house. A series of events shall ensure the best man wins. *He looked right at me when he said this. Chance? I think not. He thinks os highly of me, but do I want this job?* Each will have points allotted for first second and third except for the hunt. For the hunt you will be in teams of two and only the victor's will receive points. You must slay the beast that has been harassing our small folk and bring proof back. The first team to do this wins the hunt. The teams are Perrin and Samwell, Tito and Viktor and The Knights; Ser's Carsen and Darron. Begin!" 

Darron and I made great haste to the knuckle, where the beast was said to be. Our craven competitors were afraid to fight the beast at knight and made camp, waiting for daylight. We hunted through the dark and found the creature. It whimpered at the site of our fearsome weapons, horses, and armor. It leapt at Darron, doing it's best impression of a gnat irritating a shadow cat. Darron returned the favor by striking it with his steely claw. I flung an arrow at the beast, deftly shooting around my companion. We made a sport of the hunt, with me changing over my weapons before going in for the kill. There is nothing like getting up close and personal with a feral beast! I swung my axe while seeing red (which may be why i missed my strike), and it startled the beast due to my ferocity. Using this window I pretended to throw my axe, but didn't (to distract it you see) the silly hound fell for it. Darren cleaved it with his sword and the fight was won!

While I enjoy a good competition and I want to look impressive for our lord, I do not want to be Master-of-Arms. I already have become a lord, a knight, and have a castle on the way as it is. It sounds purely like more work and no gain. I may need to throw a future competition if things are going too well… 

Also, Where the hell is Jardon?


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