Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Bruised and battered, we devise a plan to manage our food and many wounds and injuries. Brave Darron, Teddy and the bard head due east towards the boat to pick up more food, and the rest of the party stays put to recover and avoid further injury. It crosses my mind for a moment that they may leave with the boat without us, but decide that is only the ghosts of my past whispering.

The first night alone, a terrible storm rolls through the city, and I toss and turn throughout the day and night worrying about the rest of our party and our fate. Our warm beds at Snownook loom large in my head and I miss the safe comfort of the castle terribly. After week, I feel certain that death is knocking at my door as my wounds fester, and as I change the crude dressings in attempt to improve their healing process, I pass out from the pain on the cold dirt floor.

When Dolins and Darron return to our makeshift camp, I am convinced they are a hallucination. It isn't until I smell the fresh food and the medical supplies they've brought that I am convinced they are real. They get to work right away and after a couple weeks of dedicated healing time, I feel stronger than ever. 

With two weeks of food remaining, we turn towards the Rambis, and it isn't long before we find a colllapsed tower we decide to check out. Through a hidden hatch we find a few skeletons, and while the rest of my companions find valuable goods, I'm blessed with a single copper penny. It's like I can hear the gods laughing from here.

The rest of our trip back to the ship  was largely uneventful, and we managed to avoid danger until boarding the Rambis. There we find another danger-our food stores are nearly empty and we have only 20 days left of supplies. Getting to Volantis in time to restock will be a challenge, but Jardon steps up to captaining with a new found sense of confidence, and by some sort of miracle, gets us to Volantis in time! 

We take the time to hide the eggs well under a plank in the ship, and pay the harbor master the harbor fees. While most of our party agrees that heading back to Castle Snownook is the priority, Jardon and Darron express a desire to spend the night ashore, leaving the precious cargo aboard vulnerable. Teddy and I insist we head back to Westeros right away, and Darron gives in, but Jardon digs in his heels. "But the brothels! Volantis has some of the best brothels in the world!" he whines. "Just one drink!" Teddy grows increasingly angry, and pulls rank, strong arming Jardon into heading back to Snownook right away. We quickly gather supplies at the market, but on our way back to the harbor see a commotion in our path…



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