Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta get outta here

the shiver up my spine and this feeling of dread...

With Tontos and his cronies lurking just above my head, I sprint into the dark tunnels. Every few feet there seems to be a fork in my path, and I'm desperately fumbling forward when I find a door. My hands shaking, I pick the lock with my dagger, only to find an empty room. I try once, twice, and on the third time, lock the door behind me and jam my dagger into the handle for extra security. I juuust barely hear footsteps approaching, and draw my stiletto and shield, and potentially my last breaths, in preparation for a surprise attack….

The door clangs back and forth with my potential attacker trying the door handle, and I interpret his silence as him inspecting the lock just as I did. After what feels like a lifetime, I hear his footsteps tread away and into another tunnel. For fear that this may be a cruel trick of Tontos, I remain braced in my attack position. My past will not surprise me again, as it did with Olivia. 

Hours go by, and my heads spins in isolation and darkness. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to feel safe leaving this room. I wonder what my companions are doing back at the inn, and where I could go from here, if i ever manage to escape. Do I head towards the water and find a boat without finding them? Do I return to House Jasper? Clearly I am not safe in Flea Bottom, as these rats will sell my head within 24 hours of my return. My heart hardens as I press my back against the cold stone wall and wait.


daniel_burns_jr azamelis