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House Jasper

Escape From King's Landing

who has two thumbs and can't come up with any more relevant song lyrics? this guy.

Using Teddy's dragon seal, we forge a note saying that, on orders of the king, we must be let out of the city to carry out an important mission, and approach the Iron Gate with baited breath. Holding my head up high, doing my very best to conceal my concerns, I hand the closest guard our fraudulent letter. When he reports that he cannot read, the captain, who allowed us into the city the first time, exits his station and approaches us.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, sir," I greet him, handing him our letter, "On orders of the King". The captain takes the letter, turns it over in his hands, reads it thoughtfully. Every second feels like a long winter. Ultimately, however, the Captain follows the instructions, burning the letter to destroy the evidence, and allows us to pass through the gates. As we step outside King's Landing, it is all I can do to hold back tears of joy and relief.

After some time, we cross paths with Dolins and Thad, and hatch a plan to head north, looking for horses along the way, with the added security of a pre-forged letter with the stamp of "the king" in case we come across any loyalists. I never thought I would ever be able to call a place home, however, I can't help but notice the feeling of warmth in my belly at the idea of returning to Castle Snownook.


Calaila is softening up!

Escape From King's Landing
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