Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

As if by a miracle, we make our way back to the Rambis, missing Thomas. Frantically, I ask where my friend is, and Ser Darron makes a joke about not going back to the island to get the easily distracted young man. Gregoriy and Areo speak in Norvosi and notify the house that Thomas was killed in the fight. I collapse in a sob, and sweet August comes to comfort me despite the poor shape he is in. My heart is broken for my sweet friend, who was so close to freedom, and rage for the dismantling of our plan and the results of my comrades’ recklessness.

The next few days are spent silently focused on healing with what limited abilities I have. I focus my attention on Lord Theodore and August, as well as Ser Dolins. With all the distraction, between the healing tasks and being absorbed in my own thoughts, the time passes quickly, and we wake up in Old Town, where I replace my lost stiletto with a small sword, and prepare my horses for the journey in land.


daniel_burns_jr azamelis