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Finally a Break

Home Sweet Home

Well I didn't officially win the melee, but I was certainly going to! Unfortunately for me Perrin went down to an ankle-hack, which mathematically made Ser Darron the winner of the over all contest. Upon hearing this, Lord Ronnell called a halt to the Proceedings. It is well in the end, I looked quite accomplished in the melee, and I didn't get saddled with a new thankless job. cough Ser Darron cough

And that brings me to now; a well deserved rest. Jardon and Ser Darron are laid up healing from injuries and wounds, Chumps. I didn't take but a few scratches! So while they are stuck at castle snownook it is just me at the farm with my family. I may be a bit bold calling it a "rest" however. Being off at war, serving our house, and taking care of vital missions for our lord has lead to me being gone for months. My farm is a mess! Luckily chopping wood, and shearing sheep, and building fences is a lot safer than war, and I am getting some quality time with Olira – if ya catch my drift.

I am also having some magical times with the kids. Every night we build a fire outside our cottage, and stay up telling stories. I tell them of our battles fought and won, the trials and tribulations, and of my great heists. They tell me tales of whimsy and sorrow. Invented worlds they escape to and achieve things greater than we ever have. They always include Deston. My heart breaks every time I hear their sweet voices bring him back to life on the back of dragons or sailing the seas. It is hard to believe he has been gone as long as he has, yet it feels like it was just yesterday… 



Finally a Break

Ser Carsen is really pulling at the heart strings here!

Finally a Break
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