Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Our little group decides to divide and conquer. Dolins and Teddy check in with Ser Perrin the night before (though Dolins returns back far before Lord Teddy, out of breath and looking very shifty). The next morning Maester Thaddeus and Lord Teddy rush out the next morning to get to the trial for Ser Perrin, and Dolins and I come downstairs a bit later. Upon entering the common space at the inn, a woman sees us and quickly diverts her eyes. Jaime lets us know that this woman is TERRY, and Jaime notes that he thinks she is on edge because she's being perused by our guy Rusty over "what she has with her in her room". Overhearing this, Terry jumps up out of her seat and rushes upstairs, and we excuse ourselves to follow her.

There are voices coming from inside Terry's room, and we persuade this woman to open up, which she agrees to do, only if we look from the threshold, and don't enter…


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