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House Jasper

On our second day on the road to Hightower, we are startled by a charging horse galloping past us. It isn’t long before we pass him again, and it’s clear he’s carrying a package. Gesturing to his load, I ask “I see you met Dell!”. He gives me a quizzical look and confirms, but is surprised we were hesitant to deliver a package of unknown contents. I turn away, but Maester Thad cannot contain his curiosity, and continues to interrogate the young man, who name we learn is Marq. Teddy and I roll our eyes at his suggestion we take the package off his hands and deliver it himself, but he presses on independently. What is with this guy and this stupid package?! Having other tasks to complete on behalf of House Jasper, I nudge Teddy and suggest we keep going, that Maester Thad can catch up when he’s done with his shenanigans.

A few days later, my breath is taken away at the sight of Highgarden Castle. When Teddy hesitates at the gate, I push to the front of our group, introduce ourselves and request an audience with House Tyrell. The guards agree, but encourage us to take part in a tradition of making our way through the Bramble Maze. We agree enthusiastically, and after hours of twists and turns, we arrive triumphantly on a terrace, and are greeted by clapping. "

“I was beginning to think you wouldn’t make it,” an old but beautifully dressed woman. She introduced herself as Lady Olenna, and praises our house valuing both the leadership of women and education and culture. She introduces us to her son, Mace Tyrell, Lord of High Garden, and we share that we seek to make diplomatic introductions. Mace responds with skepticism, and accuses House Jasper of killing his “beloved” cousin Leo. Surprised at this turn of the conversation, we ask for further information after he requests recompense.

The next morning, after a hearty and fresh breakfast, we have a conversation with one of the small folk who was present at the battle where Leo fell, who confirms that in fact, Carsen and House Jasper is responsible for his death. We offer to plant a rose garden at Castle Snownook in his honor, and as a symbol for the friendship between House Tyrell and Jasper. They request that in addition to this gesture, we assist their ally and nearby banner house Lady Arwen in Old Oak on the sea road with an unnamed task. We agree, and part ways as new partners.


Your account is much better summarized! And I still have to figure out whats in the package…

Forging Friendship after War
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