Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

From a wedding to a tentacle??

When we arrive back home, I quickly hand Teddy the invitations I had been working on during our sea voyage. Teddy hands them out, much to the boy’s surprise! Jardon seems unsure. Calaila and I wait back for Jeyne who is super duper pregnant… Whelp, my plan of hiding her little bump has disappeared. She does seem excited though! We meet her uncle who wants this wedding to happen ASAP and we get to work!

We end up sending Raella out to get a septon for the next day’s festivities. Jeyne seems disappointed by the quality of her chambers. Later that day, a white raven arrives for me… Summer has now ended and it is Autumn. In the morning, Raella knocks on my door and lets me know the septon will not come. I race to find Calaila and we agree I should disguise as the septon to get these lovebirds hitched!

At the wedding, I believe I perform my duties expertly. I ask Jardon for the customary fee for the wedding and he rejects me. Darn it. Thought I could get a little something for the risk of dressing like this religious fool! On the way out, Lord Ronnel calls me over. He has recognized my voice. He asks if Jardon knows and I say I don’t believe so. He says to keep it that way and I go back to change.

When I arrive back, Dolins sings a lovely song for the couple. I sit and chat with him after and he expresses fear that I was dressed as a septon. He lets me know that he lost his wife during childbirth that a septon attended and since then he has been really afraid of religious folks. I am glad he has shared this with me. I have noticed his fear but he has never told me before!

The next day, I decide to decipher the rhunes on my shield I’ve been carrying around! It is in the old tongue of the first men and states “By the grace of the Gods this shield will protect the Bronze Kings from the night and from the children until the end of time”. This seems to be from House Royce back when they were kings. The Children must be the Children of the Forest and the night may be either the long night or something else? I am not positive.

Darron comes to see me and has a snake head. He states that it is a flightless dragon and was curious if I could tell him about it. I inform him that it is for sure a snake and that I have no use for it but that he may be able to sell it to the alchemist guild in King’s Landing.

Teddy then comes to me and asks if I am willing to join in on the investment as I had expressed interest. I agree and I give him 50 dragons.

It is February in the year 286. A delegation from House Lynderly has arrived and we are all gathered to listen. Lord Ronnel hands the floor to Lord Lynderly who states that there is a grievance with House Thorne. He states that he is looking for 75% share in Carsen’s tin mine. The argument goes back and forth but finally Lord Ronnel states that the Lynderly need to give up their lands to Carsen’s mine. The Lynderly storm our.

Lady Elyse firmly states that we have not heard the end of this. She states that we need us to sail for Woodhall to gather up support as she believes we are to be attacked. Carson also suggests the Corbrey’s to help us and she agrees. We pack up and head out.

On the boat, we have all been relaxing and taking time for ourselves when I hear a shout from above deck… What now. I had just gotten to a great chapter in my book! I sigh and put the book down.


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