Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

From Maester to Surgeon??

That was unforeseen!

Teddy, Dolins, Darron and I head to the House Corbrey! We are planning to try and convince the Corbrey faction to join us against the Linderly house. We arrive and are escorted to the main hall to wait for Lord Lionel. As we are waiting, Darron asks Teddy if he thinks this throne is more comfortable than the House Jasper throne. He then darts up and sits on it! As he is sitting, the door opens so he jumps up. It was just a servant girl dropping off drinks and food. So he sits back down as soon as she leaves.

Lord Lionel, Lucas and Maester Wilbur enter and Teddy leads off to see if they will join us. It seems serendipitous that they also are angry at the Linderlys. It is odd timing… We hear that the Linderly clan set upon his uncle and brother while they were hunting. His brother has been greatly wounded and doesn’t seem to be healing the way he should. Maester Wilbur entreats for my help and of course I agree. We head off to see the poor man.

We enter a beautiful room where I see the man sleeping. Wilbur states he sleeps for almost the whole day and is awake for just an hour. I start to examine him which takes a good while. I find that one of his kidneys appears to be split open, that is where the uncontrolled bleeding is from. I tell Wilbur about this new procedure called “Surgery”. It is where you try and remove some damaged organ in last resort to save someone’s life. Luckily for this man, he has what appears to be another functioning kidney and I have read about this being done to just one kidney in the past. Wilbur asks if the archmaester knows of this and I let him know I had discussions on this very topic when I was just in the citadel. I tell Wilbur that I think this is the only option we have.

Lord Lionel arrives in the room and tells me that his uncle disappeared a few days ago and he is afraid he has ridden off to Snakewood. Wilbur lets him know of the plan for surgery and he says that he would do anything to try and save him and to start. This will be interesting… Hopefully my reading will do me well!


Let’s hope so!

From Maester to Surgeon??
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