Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

The next morning, I visit the Order of the Darkwash River’s encampment outside Castle Snownook, seeking to smooth over any bad feelings from the council meeting. Gregoriy and Yuri.agree to speak with me, though the latter presents as less than enthusiastic. Fortunately, I quickly have the opportunity to demonstrate my support and understanding for their search for magic by warging quickly in and out of August, and wish them a warm welcome to the Fingers. They look a bit dumbfounded for a moment, but then pepper me and each other with questions. Both seem assured that there’s no bad blood between us, and I feel happy to make friends with these strange foreigners.

With an open afternoon ahead of me, and seeking to avoid my father and chores at the stables, I warg again into August and trot down into town. All this talk of magic reminds me of the town witch, and I go to spy on Bethlazar. I’m disappointed to see she’s merely making soup, Next time, I’ll catch her concocting her hexes…

Sulking at the boring results of my trip to town, I’m pleasantly surprised to see Ser Darron approaching me. He invites me on an expedition-an adventure!-with the Narvoshi, to gather some special ingredients for a town merchant. I don’t really understand why such a task would be prioritized with all that’s going on, but not wanting to mess up the chance to travel with the group, I choose not to question him, and quickly pack my things.


Why would this be a priority? FOR SOUP!

From Strangers to Friends
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