Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Fuck Tha Corbrays

Handmaidenz Wit Attitude

We arrived at Heart's Home and were served bread and salt. I saw that Nestor Royce ate, so I did too, and he and Lord Lucian Corbray spoke tensely as we finished our meal. Upon his return, we learned that we would have the opportunity to convince the household to join House Arryn in the rebellion. 

I spoke to the young Lucas, and attempted to gain his friendship and respect by laying on the compliments about his wisdom and with my warm smile. Though, as I grew more and more frustrated, and Lucas attempted to manipulate me, my temper took over and I laid my dagger on the table, and reminded him that my people are not afraid of lawlessness. Lucas seemed deeply preoccupied by the prospect of payment, despite clearly knowing that House Jasper has limited funds. In a moment of desperation, out of fear for Lady Alys, and understanding the power of coin, I recalled our party's duty and priorities, and spoke on behalf of my house that we would pay the Corbrays 400 (2 wealth points) for their vote of neutrality. At that moment, Lucas sprang from his seat and joined the coalition.

I fear for the consequences of my actions with Lucas, and yet, remain impressed by his cunning and persistence. I wonder how long I will remain safe in House Jasper.


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