Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Giles' Trial

House Lynderly is going down

We are joined on the morning of Ser Giles' trial by Lord John of House Arryn, and his new wife Lysa Arryn of House Tully, as well as Lord Nestor Royce, Lord Yorren of House Lynderly and Lord Baelish and his steward Umphred from the Fingers. 

Lord Arryn calls the trial to order. Ser Giles quickly proclaims his innocence, denying the crimes we bore witness to. Lord Baelish, however, praises the courageous actions of House Jasper in bringing Giles to justice and ending the spree of crimes he committed in the Fingers. Petyr also commends the quick work of our group, and goes a step further to support our suspicions that it was House Lynderly who gave the orders on this dastardly mission. We each have the opportunity to plead our case. When it is my turn, I stand with confidence, clear my throat and state: 

"My lords, my ladies, I say with complete conviction that Giles of House Lynderly is not only guilty of his crimes of arson and breaking his oaths, but also of working in conspiracy with the rest of his house in efforts to besmirch the name of House Jasper to give themselves a leg up in the race for the position of warden of the vale. I was honored to represent my house in our mission to the fingers to apprehend Giles. We travelled through the region and saw the destruction and terror this false knight brought to land wearing the armor and sigil of House Jasper. Lord Petyr Baelish speaks the truth- the damage we witnessed was clearly worth at least 100 gold dragons. We caught Giles in the act of setting fire to a farm, and he tried to murder us when he knew he was being brought to justice. After he surrendered, still wearing our proud sigil, our brave bard removed Giles' helmet to reveal his true identity. It is important to note that Giles had nothing of worth on his person, only a mere few copper pennies and a burnt candle, indicating his actions were not in pursuit of wealth or personal gain, but that his only goal was to cause chaos and stain the jasper name at the orders of his house."

I get a proud nod from my lord and lady for my deposition and worthy representation of house Jasper. Lord Arryn finds Giles guilty, and he takes the black. In reparations, he orders House Lynderly to give House Baelish 200 gold dragons, and they give up a portion of their land to House Jasper. I don't think House Lynderly will be in the running for Warden of the Vale much longer…

When the trial is over, I bring extra linens and a pitcher of water to the chambers of Lady Lysa and meet her handmaid, Joyce, who reminds me a great deal of myself. She shares that she's been in Lady Lysa's services for a few months, but is relatively happy in the position, and has her sights set even higher beyond emptying chamber pots. Joyce agrees to pass what she sees as important information to me as she learns of it, in exchange for 1 silver stag. She seems a cunning and ambitious young lady, and I look forward to working with her for hopefully many years to come.


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