Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Good enough for me and my Bobby B

Lord better have some monay

Lady Alys has sent us to the Stony Sept to support the townspeople in preparing for the rebellion. 

On our way, we approached a clearly injured man. Initially I urged my companions to keep on riding, but the nosy do-gooders just HAVE to stop, and learn his name is "Robert". Realizing that Robert is Head of House Baratheon, I take the opportunity to make a good impression. "My Lord, it would be a privilege to carry you on my horse and ensure your comfort and safety." I ducked underneath his lumbering weight to support him in standing, and after seeing Dolins fail to effectively build a stretcher for Robert, I complete one successfully. Lord Baratheon hungrily consumes the milk of the poppy the maester gives him, and we carry on our way.

Robert Baratheon, the leader and face of the rebellion, should his cause be successful is on an upward track to status and fortune, and I have my sights set on Lord Baratheon taking me with him. This is my moment to seize!

We arrive at the Stony Sept, and I make sure that I am attentively and VISIBLY tending to every need of Lord Baratheon. A man named Seamus leads us to the empty maester's quarters, and Robert requests more wine, which I promptly hup to!

On our way to the market, Dolins notes my doting, and offers to support my cause to gain the attention of Lord Baratheon. I subtly express my gratitude for his kind words, and enter the General Store, attempting to blend in to the town. I explain to the shopkeep that I am seeking wine for none other than Lord Baratheon! He attempts to charge me 100 silver stags for the cask, but after reminding him that I will be sure that the leader of the rebellion will know of his generosity, he gifted the cask, and I rolled it back to the Maester's Keep with the help of friendly Dolins. 

After a week, Seamus returns with word that the Targaryean army has learned of Robert's location and are on their way to the Stony Sept! Dolins returns on his promise, and suggests that Robert spend the next few days with the handmaid to practice blending in as a servant, to which Lord Baratheon flirtatiously perks up at the prospect of my company. "Robert is loved at the Stony Sept, and if need be, the townspeople will assemble to his defense," I say to the group. We decide to hide Lord Baratheon in the home of townfolk near the brothel, with myself stationed at the door to convince any potential soldiers to keep moving. 

After a week, Teddy signals from the bell tower that the Targaryean army is arriving by land…


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