Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

While tending to the horses below deck, I am greeted by a stern looking Lord Theodore and Ser Darron. They invite me to ride with them to the Woodhull garrison, and agree to allow me to bring August with us for additional protection. When Maester Thaddeus enters, I overhear Darron suggest they need bodies to draw fire should they come across enemies. My heart rate raises, though the thrill of adventure draws me into the mission further, and despite Thad’s request for me to stay behind , I authentically accept Teddy’s insistence I go with them.

Lord Theodore, Ser Darron, Thomas, and I depart mid day to cross the island, with August trailing close behind. After a few hours, we find Dolins on the trailing with the body of Calaila looking worse for wear on the back of his horse. It isn’t much longer on our way to the Rambis that we run into Ser Argyle and Rusty. They bar our path and suggest we bring the body to First Light, but Lordling Teddy insists we return the deceased to the Rambis for the Maester to examine. The conversation is tense, but it is that odd man Rusty who convinces Ser Argyle to allow us to continue.

The return to the Rambis is a bleak affair with the air of mourning hanging heavy over House Jasper. A pile of driftwood lay by the dock, though my questions about it go ignored by the maester. While the body is examined and Thad and Theodore discuss the cause of death and the events surrounding it, Jardon and Darron argue about the alcohol on board, and when Jardon learns for the first time that Calaila was murdered they toast to her.

Once the rest of the ship has gone to bed (or descended into a drunken stupor), I warg into August and patrol the grounds beyond the dock and near First Light. Through the dog’s eyes, I see Thomas practicing his swordsman skills on deck, Ser Argyle shouting to someone behind him as he walked away from first light dressed in his armor and then…sniff sniff…to my horror the smell of human flesh being burned. I overhear a woman and the distinguished voice of Rusty discussing the events of what was happening through the window the fire was coming from and I rush back to the Rambis. Once back in my own body, I notify Lord Theodore at once of our observations from our “evening stroll”. He contemplates this and does not seem surprised by what I share.

The next day, all the members of House Jasper move about in hushed tones until the funeral for the mistress of whispers. Each member shares kind words as the her funeral pyre goes up in flames. Though I didn’t know her well, tears spill from my eyes hearing about her adventures and trials with the House I feel so proud to be part of.


The image of Ari’s new character encountering the body of her old character is something

Goodbye Calaila
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