Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Goodbye Jardon, Hello Order of the Darkwash River

After helping the infiltration brigade impregnate the walls of Snakewood, the city fell quickly. Out of ashes and chaos, House Jasper was quickly the clear victor, with Yoren and Ben dead, Thom captured, and only Jon and Jana Lynderly missing, with the assumption they may have escaped. As the aftermath and fires cooled, we all notice that House Corbray never arrived to the fight as promised, and to add insult to injury, Captain Jardon did not make it out alive. I spend the day helping the Maester gather wood for the funeral pyre, and a small funeral takes place in his honor with a somber song from the bard and spirited sharing of memories and tales of his bravery.

We arrive safely back at House Jasper without issue, and I can feel a sense of increased respect from my traveling partners, having had proven my worth among this group of talented warriors and noble battle strategists! I enthusiastically join my first council meeting as my father’s proxy, and relish in the opportunity to learn about the political wheelings and dealings of the House. However, I’m disappointed to merely witness a petty spat from Jardon’s surviving family seeking to override his last will and testament. Council meetings like this continue, boring and arbitrary for weeks, until one day…

A group of ten fearsome foreigners land on our steps and seek audience with the council. They ask for several names that I do not recognize, and Darron and Carsen nervously shared of their untimely deaths. They introduce themselves as the Order of the Darkwash River, from Norvos who worship the Norvosi God, exiled because of their belief in magic. I prod a bit further about their reason for being exiled, and get only cryptic answers about prophets and mysteries. When I whisper to Lord Theodore, one of the intimidating men looks at me scornfully. In dismay, I try to recover my gaffe and what was clearly taken as a slight, and emphasize that I, too, have seen things other would not believe. Teddy invites the Order to stay on the grounds, and the man I assume is their leader, Gregoriy, accepts his offer. August and I trade a look-who are these bizarre aliens who have landed at Castle Snownook?

That night, I warg into August and trot around their encampment. Unfortunately, they speak in a tongue I don’t understand, but I smell the delicious scent of their dinner wafting through the air, and see their clear trusting camaraderie between one another. If it’s proof of magic they’re after, I can certainly offer some Westerosi evidence for their quest.


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