Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

On the first day of the new year, and the day of Jardon and Jayne Oakheart’s wedding, Maester Thaddeus exceeds my expectations for her ability to deceive the wedding attendees and bride. She transforms into a septon, and completes the ceremony seemingly without a hitch. The festivities commence-wine flows, rich foods fill the bellies of all the guests, and Dolins performs happy melodies that raise the spirits of all in attendance, despite the awkward circumstances of the occasion. Ser Wilber departs prior to the bedding ceremony, but the night is all in all a success.

In the coming weeks House Jasper receives an unhappy party of Lynderlys. They claim Carsen’s mine is on their land and demand a high percentage of his profits. In a tense conversation, it comes out that one of the members of the Lynderly party has been spying on Jasper land. Lord Theodore proposes that as punishment for their covert operation and trespassing, that whatever land they may have tried to claim as their own in relationship to the mine will be surrendered to House Jasper. Lord Ronnel agrees with his son’s suggestion, which stirs Yorren Lynderly into a fit of rage. They quickly depart, but Lady Alys warns of her prediction of a violent return. We are tasked with gathering reinforcements, and send Rhaella with a letter calling for an alliance with the Corbrays in hopes of squandering a common enemy (perhaps once and for all), and set sail for the Paps to make our case to the Woodhulls. It is not lost on me that both these houses last left Castle Snownook on less than ideal terms, and I hope our calls do not fall on selectively deaf ears.


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