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House Jasper

Gull City

Gull Gull City Bitch!

For our first night in Gulltown, we chose to stay at the Winter’s Reprieve Inn. Perin recommended it when we first entered the city, and from the outside it looks like a decent place to stay! The rate isn’t cheap, but a silver for the night gives us all we can eat and drink!

Dolins, unfortunately, went straight to bed because he was feeling like a moldy onion. Calaila and the Maester grabbed a seat in the tavern to be served by James, one of the owners, and I decide to go explore living space upstairs. The guest rooms are unassuming, but there’s a steep flight of stairs that leads to a locked door. After listening for any activity and hearing nothing, I’m pick the lock and enter the room. It appears to be the living quarters for the owners. It is modestly furnished with two beds, a table, and some other pieces. Notably, there is a chest with a mighty lock on it! I am tempted to pick the lock, but my gut tells me I should leave it be. Who knows how long we’ll be in Gulltown, I don’t want to start trouble on our first night.

When I return to the main room downstairs, Sir Perin emerges from a back room and asks if I would like to join in some gambling. I’m interested, so I make my way to the back room. The other owner, Jamie, runs the table. My competition is the lovely Sir Perin, and a local named Edgar. The name of the game is “Going to Gulltown.” Its just a bunch of throwing and counting dice, which was entertaining for a few rounds. I won my first round, but started to slide the next two. I decided to cut my losses and leave the table, when I noticed one of Edgar’s dice behaving oddly. I considered for a moment, then I moved to sit back down.

“Jamie, I changed my mind. Count me in for one more. But this time, let’s rotate the dice between players to keep it honest.”

Edgar pushes his chair back and says, “I think I’m done for the night.” What a bum!

“Perin, by any chance do you owe that guy money?”

“No, my Lord. I don’t owe anyone money.” 

Sure, you don’t… Now that the game has ended, all of us have made our way back to the tavern. There was a bang at front door and solders of the Gulltown city watch stormed into the Inn! They arrested Sir Perin for debts owed to the public, and took him to the dungeons in the castle.

After they leave the inn, Jamie tells us that other knights from house Jasper had the opportunity to fulfill Perin’s debt, but didn’t follow through. Now Sir Perin’s fate is in the hands of Lord Grafton.

The next day we go to the seat of House Grafton to inquire about Sir Perin’s predicament. Lord Gerald Grafton informs the Maester and I that the hearing will be tomorrow, and that James will be testifying on behalf of the business. Later that day, we return to the Inn and meet back up with Calaila, who was hanging around the docks trying to pick up some info. Word on the street is that Jamie, the inn owner, is paying people for information about the Duke. Hmmm… Perhaps we can leverage this situation by sharing what we know about the Duke in return for James urging for the release of Sir Perin at the trial tomorrow.


Teddy’s inner monologue suits him well!

Gull City
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