Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

HA! That's what you get

Really, What were you hoping to accomplish...?

Ha! Serves him right! What in the world did the lordling think he was accomplishing coming after me? Me?! His only banner man, and a known servant of the vale. Best case he has no bannerman and looks like a fool, and worst case he has a very unfriendly banner man and looks like a fool. How would house Jasper be better off without me?! Good luck next time they want to steal something, sneak around, or take a long shot (Hehe, puns). I guess they’ll try asking nicely now. Good luck with that! Jon Arryn is truly a just and observant lord. If any more trouble stirs up, I think I’ll pay him a visit myself. With all I’ve done for the realm he would surely take me on as a bannerman and protect us Thornes for all we’ve done for the Vale. I mean really, what did our lord hope to accomplish?!

I digress…Hmm… What’s next? Well journal, I am not sure, but I think things will be a lot less eventful for me in the coming months. I guess that means I won’t be writing in you much. Time for some much-needed rest, a rebuilding of my mine, and the finishing of my castle. All without the constant threat of death. Not a bad way to spend some time. Farewell for now. Carsen


of my farm* (typed it on my phoe originally)

HA! That's what you get

A final(?) glimpse into the inner workings of Ser Carsen. Goodbye for now!

HA! That's what you get
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