Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Heading Out

Dolins, Teddy, Maester Thaddeus and I met in the great hall upon their return from their successful mission with a young man we would soon find out is named Roderick. In a time of deep uncertainty and unrest, Dolins upbeat song recalling the events of Roderick's capture was a bright spot that seemed to ease all our worries.

Lord Ronnel no where to be found, I began building rapport with Roderick after his pitiful lying about being a mere fisherman. Who does he think we are?! I tried to make him feel safe by telling him of Jayne's safety, and ultimately, he relented by sharing that he in fact picks up messages by boat, and brings them to a contact in Gulltown for gold. 

Teddy expressed that it was time to get on the road to Gulltown, and I could see he's been itching to get out of these castle walls. He is like an untrained puppy that needs room to run, that one. I am certain his lack of restraint and tact will one day be his downfall. My concerns about hitting the road and running into people from my past are at the forefront of my mind, but Dolins and Thaddeus seem gung-ho, and raising my worries would almost certainly raise suspicions.

The maester put himself to work by healing the three of them, and Ronnel shared that he was supportive of our plans. As Thaddeus and Dolins and I exit the kitchen, Teddy stays behind to speak with his father, and interrupts our breakfast suddenly to run to the kitchen. I subtly tried to ask Teddy if all was well, but he snapped back, and reminded me I was talking out of line. I need to be smarter about my curiosity next time…but something is definitely going on in this house. Maybe it's not a bad thing that we're hitting the road.


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