Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Hello darkness, my old friend

A vision softly creeping left its stabs while I was sleeping

Outside the Riverrun Castle, I've made myself quite busy blending into the festivities of the Stark and Arryn wedding by tidying up, giving myself an opportunity to listen into conversations and observe the attendees. It is at this moment that I see my old running partner, Olivia, dressed as a septa. She is despicable, dressing up as a religious woman to pillage the pockets of party-goers… a sense of dread consumes me, as the reality of my past now has the opportunity to catch up to my present. I quickly scan the area and duck into a kitchen tent, doing my best to blend in and avoid her gaze. The thought that House Jasper could find out my identity grips me with fear, and I must do all I can to avoid this fate. 

Olivia starts heading towards to castle, and my curiosity gets the best of me as to where she could be heading. I attempt to follow behind her, but the skills of my past life have not kept up with me, and I give myself away quickly. We exchange quick words and well wishes, both claiming we've changed our ways. I trust her statement as much as there is truth in mine. As she turns to face me head on, I can see that she's lost an arm, and I fear it may be the result of our time together, but she denies this, that her maiming was from a terrible equestrian accident. I must find out more about this. We bid each other farewell, and I keep an eye over my shoulder as we turn our backs to one another. House Jasper heads to our cluster of tents and retires for the evening as the party carries on.

In the early morning hours, before the sun has begun to rise, I am awoken by a shearing pain, and instinctively grab my stiletto, and stab into the dark at my attacker, piercing the air. Still half asleep, an axe slams down next to me again, scraping me and adding to my injuries. In desperation, I thrust into the night again, this time, hitting my attacker. All my instincts tell me…this is Olivia, and she has come for her revenge. Steps arrive at my tent's door, and my attacker sprints away into the  black.



“and the wound that was planted in your neck
still remains
with the sound of Dolins footsteps”

Hello darkness, my old friend
daniel_burns_jr azamelis