Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Helplessly hoping ...

her household hovers nearby

As my attacker flees the scene, I barely make out Dolins poking his head into my tent. "Get the maester!" He looks at me with horror and steps outside to call for the maester…and for guards. With what little breath I have, I plead with him in desperation not to call guards. I don't need an full royal investigation blowing my cover. The maester begins to  treat my wounds, but both he and Dolins eye me suspiciously when I explain that the efforts of the guards would be wasted on a lowly handmaid. Teddy arrives and I begin to panic-this is far more attention than I have ever wanted. "We live in contested times in dangerous lands, it could've been anyone!"

Dolins, Maester Thad and Teddy agree that it is in the best interest of the house that they search for my attacker. Carsen, on the other hand, offers to aid the search for a price. Despite my searing pain, I do my best to remember not to find loyalty in this bannerman. I am transferred gingerly to Lady Alys's tent where Maelys can stand watch.

After the slowest sunrise I have ever witnessed, I am near delirious in my pain, exhaustion and terror. When Lady Alys, Teddy, Carsen and Thad begin interrogating me, I fold helplessly and shamefully, and share that I believe my attacker may have been someone from my past-a one armed septa named Olivia. Carsen perks up at this information, and surprises us all when he states that he met Olivia, and that she serves House Corbray. Our gracious Lady requests a meeting with Lord Corbray to find justice and return safety to the land. I struggle to read her reaction to the news I deliver; that before House Jasper, I led a complicated life that has brought chaos to her presence.

In our meeting with the Corbray's, they jump immediately to Olivia's defense-that she was intelligent, pious and loyal, and I must be seeking attention with such outlandish accusations. I hesitantly ask but one more favor of my Lady-that she vouch for my years of discretion and silent service. She does, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude that she has not lost all faith in me, yet. I reassert that all I want is for my house to be safe from any follow up plans Olivia may have as Lyn goes to seek Olivia for her response.

He returns…alone. "She's packed her things and seems to have disappeared". I do not know what this news will mean for me. How long will I have to look over my shoulder, knowing that my nemesis seeks the ultimate revenge? Will my house abandon me to the streets if they see that I bring threats of danger to their doorstep? I must heal, and then end this, once and for all.


Well done, I’m liking that it’s more “color commentator “ and less “play by play”. Her fear is shining through!

Helplessly hoping ...
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