Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Hide and seek

The soldiers are coming.....

Now how to get this Lord to Stoney Sept… Dolins attempts to create a litter but Calaila needs to help him out by arranging this. I offer Robert milk of the poppy and we head off to the Sept! We call out to the men on the wall and announce we have Robert Barathean and to let us in. The gates are opened and we see a red headed larger man who introduces himself as Shamus. He is the steward of Stoney Sept and bring us into the town and down to the old Maester's quarters. I head into the building and find the most comfortable bed. Teddy and Dolins help me lay Robert down into that bed.

A week goes by of me treating Robert. Then, while sitting down with our group, Shamus bursts in and states a runner arrived and that the Targareans realized Robert is not with his army! They may be headed our way! I state that we should not move him as he has improved so much but he still has a long way to go. His ankle improved a good bit this week but is still tender. His other wounds need more time. Calaila and Teddy have heard around town that the town would want to hide Robert away within the town's limits.

After much deliberation, it was decided that Robert and I would hide in a house near the brothel so that the ladies of the night could assist in distracting if any soldiers seemed intent on entering the house. We could also see the bell tower from here and be alerted by which way the soldiers may be coming. Another week goe sby and Robert has greatly improved! His finger and arm have healed. The only injuries left are the two stomach wounds.

All of a sudden, the bells in the bell tower are ringing! The soldiers are here and are coming by land!!


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