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History is Made

Darron gets a Squire

What a surprise it was to find Lady Alyse on the road. Her and Maelys had urgent matters for the house to address and of course they would turn to their finest; The Knights and the Warlord. Our tasks were simple, dispatch our caravan and board a ship to destinations unknown. Dispatching the caravan required access to a ship, and a ship & captain who were willing to take the risks.

M’lady made the diplomatic situation at the port sound dire, but it was no match for Ser Darron’s wits. He entered negotiations with the Steward Lady Tilda and swung her 2 in arguments. We simply would find a captain in town and load the ship from the beach; Keeping her hands clean of the situation.

From there we made great haste, as our ship was to leave at the tides change and made our way forward into town. We made our way to the drinking establishment favored by the sea faring folk; The Captain’s Cabin. It was there that we found our old friend Davos. He gave us some shipping wisdom on what could and couldn't survive a voyage and took the rest of the cargo as payment. We drank to good fortune and sprung into action.

We needed to carry a message on to the army of our deal with Davos so we could make our ship. So I hollered at a young boy walking through the bar, “How would you like to make a Silver Stag?!” The stutter-y lad seemed confused at first, but was eager enough to make some coin. He also was regaled of an old knightly story by “Ser” Jardon while i scrawled a note to our lady. 

Alas, in our great haste to carry out our order we forgot to ask what the name of the ship we needed to take was. So we spent a fair bit of time walking the docks looking for a boat hired to take 3 men on a voyage. It was on this fateful leg of our adventure that history was made. The young messenger lad tried to cut Jardon’s purse! That little urgent had some real nerve! We had already paid him a peasants fortune to run a simple errand, but that wasn’t enough. Jardon made a grab for the lad, but he ran from us. I pulled my bow and yelled for him to stop, but he kept running. Jardon fired a cross bow bolt not a foot in front of him, which brought him to a trembling stop.

The boy very slowly came back to us with his head hung. Clearly feeling awful for what he had done, and worse for being caught. While he had done wrong, it was extremely troubling to me that my comrades would pretend they were going to cut off the boy’s hands. He was starving, abandoned, and simply wanted shelter from the storm of a world we live in. He wanted to be a squire. He would even be a squire to Ser Darron! (Talk about falling on hard times.) Thank the gods my fellows ended the pretense they were going to maim the poor boy, and it was then the real debate began. Would he become a squire? Jardon and I turned together at Darron and urged him to consider. He could use the help, and we could use someone to know where he is passed out. He nodded slowly seeing the logic of the situation and acquiesced. Thomas would be his squire.

Our party, now of 4, boarded our ship and headed for destiny.


I loved the shots at Darron and “ser “ Jardon… lol’ed at the “talk about falling hard times” line

History is Made
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