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House Jasper

Honey, I rose up from the dead

I do it all the time

Outside the ruins of the Dragon Pits, we meet back up with the Maester, and brainstorm ways to get into the court. We decide to pretend to be from House Mullendore, seeking information from the Grand Maester abouttreating greyscale. As it's getting dark, we duck into a tavern, and tip our innkeeper well.

"Calaila?!" I hear over my shoulder. My heart drops, I should not have come here. It's Gloria, a girl a recognize from years ago, and my head spins wondering how I should respond. Will she pass along the news of my return? Will she steal my coin purse? Could Gloria be useful to our plan? I decide I cannot get away with lying about who I am, and greet her warmly.

We pay for her dinner, and after some cajoling, Gloria shares with us that she's been working at the Red Keep doing deliveries. She says that rumors say the Gold Cloaks are planning a mutiny, and army is headed towards the city,and that the King is murdering nearly anyone who crosses his path. As thanks, Dolins pays for a room at the inn for Gloria, and I am impressed by her thoughtfulness to detail.

As a group, we unanimously decide it is in our best interest to remain at the inn tonight, and instead of going to the Red Keep, to head straight for Castle Snownook at first light. We each take turns keeping watch, and after a quiet night, we pack up our things and head out to the alley.

We are immediately greeted by 10 armed men standing outside the inn, and stumble back inside immediately, knowing something is off. The innkeeper's eye grow wide, and his concern fills the room. Urging House Jasper to take shelter in our locked room,  they ignore my pleas, so I flee by myself and bolt the door. I hear the heavy front door open and recognize the new guest's voice right away. I shut my eyes tightly to hold back tears, take a deep breath, and set my jaw. I have to find a way out of here. I frantically tear apart the sparse furnishings in the room, and as if by destiny, I find a trap door underneath a straw bed. Heavy footsteps head towards my door as I pull the mattress over the trap door that I shut above my head, and run.


That last paragraph is powerfully written!

Honey, I rose up from the dead

Girl, you are lucky there was that trap door in there!!

Honey, I rose up from the dead

Shit, that was supposed to be my, Rachel’s, account. Darn sharing a computer.

Honey, I rose up from the dead

Saw my own comments and for a second thought I had amenesia! This was totally new to me. So how did you make so many enemies?

Honey, I rose up from the dead
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