Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I’m approached one morning after Lord Theodore and his trusted men have departed for Gulltown by the house messenger, Rhaella, who invites me for a ride. I gladly agree and am quietly happy to show off my riding skills to someone as talented on a horse as Rhaella. Overlooking a lovely valley in House Jasper’s lands, she asks if I would be interested in assisting her with her messenger duties, as the house’s correspondence needs have grown with its responsibilities. Moved by her consideration of me, I agree enthusiastically and pepper her with questions about the role. We carry on, enjoying the day’s gift of sunshine, until we come across a gathering of young adolescents and children moving rocks around, being overseen by a pair of adult. We observe from afar for a bit until my curiosity gets the best of me, and I approach the scene with August. Under the guise of a town girl looking for her dog, I inquire about their mission, and the woman introduces herself as a septa, and informs me that they are building a sept. Upon my return to Rhaella, she narrows her eyebrows at this, and we agree she should notify Lord Ronnel.

Only a few days later, I’m approached again, this time by Gregoriy. He shares that following the miracle he performed on Lord Ronnel, that he’s been appointed the ancient position of the Beacon of Light to the house. I congratulate him on this tremendous but well deserved honor as he expands on the positions’ duties, and his intention to create a council to assist with his decision making. To my shock, he invites me to join the council! I choke on the air in my lungs, “me? Surely you do not mean me…” but he protests and thinks having a young person familiar with the customs of the area would be beneficial in considering matters of local justice. I accept on the condition that Rhaella does not think it will get in the way of the role I accepted with her, and she encourages me to move forward with it.

Unfortunately, the first matter for the council is one far above my head. Gregoriy, I, and the other council member, Brock, heads to the cells to meet with Stephanie, a toothless crude woman, who confirms Gregoriy’s inquiries about her knowingly giving pox to her “suitors”. I feel my face get hot and hands get clammy as humiliating subjects from the sheer number of her partners to “sheepskin” arise. But after some deliberation, the council civilly agrees that tattooing the woman with a warning for her future potential suitors on her upper leg may prevent the infectious disease from spreading further throughout the town.

I am relieved to have a reason to take some time away from Castle Snownook after this experience, as Lord Ronnel sends me to deliver my first message! Per his instructions, I ride Kusa to Snakewood and hand deliver a sealed message to their maester Glynn. He responds with a cryptic warning of what happens to messengers who read their delivery materials.


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