Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Lady Alys and Lord Ronnel return from King’s Landing with bad news. The Hand of the King is most unhappy with the Sack of Snakewood, and the punishment will include a marriage alliance. Lord Theodore will take Jana Lynderly’s hand, and Carsen’s son, Zane, will be sent to Snakewood to squire for Jon Lynderly, who will resume control of the castle. The room erupts in fury, and Carsen, Ser Darron and Teddy protest to these terms. I cannot hide my confusion, and ask earnestly “If the goal was peace between the Lynderlys and the Jaspers, why is everyone so upset?” The only support I get is from Ser Dolins, who I’m coming to understand as an extremely kind knight, nearly the polar opposite of the Lordling. He agrees that we should agree to the terms and move forward, but the rest of the house protests despite our puzzlement.

I am overjoyed to be invited to tend to the horses on the journey to Gulltown, where the terms of the agreement will be negotiated between the two houses. Upon our arrival, Gregoriy agrees to accompany me into to town for us both to explore this new city. He peppers me with questions about my warging abilities, and suggests I consider trying on the skins of other animals besides August. I shrug, not being able to imagine why I would want to do something like this, to which the gods quickly respond…

While meandering the streets of Gulltown, I spy the same hedge knight carrying a shield with the sigil of a white fist on a purple field that August saw in Snakewood. He barks at a city knight, who is clearly spooked by his presence and walks quickly away from the gruff man towards us. “Say,” I ask, “who is that?” He shifts around a bit and explains he’s a “protector”, part of a group that pops up from time to time. Gregoriy and I look at one another and agree we should should follow him. As he dips into a side alley, it becomes clear he picks up on our trailing him, and even when I send August off to spy, he hustles the pup away.

“Do you think he recognized August?” Gregoriy asks me. I shake my head-“I’m not sure about that but I think he’s hiding something!” Not a moments frustration goes by before I consider Gregoriy’s previous suggestion, and look to the skies…


Nice writing style.

Hope from above?
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