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House Jasper

House Jasper meets Death

Is this the doom they spoke of?

The next morning, upon on travels further into the city, an acrid smell overwhelms the environment, and Ser Denys warns us to turn around and gallop the other way. It is not long after his expression of concern than we see that the earth has cracked open, and lava approaches quickly! My sturdy rounsey gets me out of trouble without a hitch, but Jardon does not come away without some burns. 

Speaking of Jardon, back outside the city, we pass the end of a large pipe which appears to lead down to an opening in the earth. Jardon and Ser Denys decide to travel down into the pipe system, and both are gone for a long time. Hours later, Denys returns excitedly and shares that they were led into the middle of the city. Teddy and I shake our heads-our horses and supplies can't travel through the narrow underground waterways, so we'll meet them to the west at their new rendezvous. 

After a full night's rest, Tito, Teddy, Dolins, Darron and I head directly west towards Denys and Jardon. We don't make it very far when we come across an unusual looking covered man on some stone steps. Darron shouts out to him; "Let us not disturb the man, and carry on our way," I say in hushed tones. He ignores my request, and he and Dolins shout out to the man again asking if he needs help. The man, or creature, jumps up in an unnatural manner, and multiple other creatures like him arise from seemingly out of nowhere.

"Stay together, and protect your lord!" I scream as I draw my stiletto and dagger. They descend upon us, and chaos ensues, bloodcurdling screeches erupting and blood spraying around us. I lay into one of the monsters from my mount, but it and another grab at me, one holding me in its grasp, and I feel a terrible pain in my shoulder, as if a bone is being pulled out from its socket altogether. Darron rushes over to me as I pierce the creature holding on to me, and as the other turns to run, I slash its head off as well. My sights are then set on Lord Theodore, and I rush to him to slay the creature that had been attacking him. It isn't long before these beasts scatter away. When House Jasper is alone again, we see that poor Tito has been slain atop his horse. With no time to grieve before another potential attack, Darron and I grab Tito's horse's reins, and rush, stunned, to what we can only hope is safer ground.


Such tension! Love that this is from your perspective and not a birds eye view play by play

House Jasper meets Death

Calaila is a warrior now!

House Jasper meets Death
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