Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

How did our motley crew survive this??


We are lead somberly to the square for our trial which we had heard was coming for some time. As we walk up, I see a platform on which we are to be tried and to the side of that, a noose is hanging from a tree. Lord Paxter must be out for blood…  I also notice on the opposite side of the crowd that has gathered, our three friends! Jardon, Darron and Carsen! What the gods are they doing here?

Lord Paxter starts by reading to us our charges. Teddy has been charged with murder and treason against the realm. Dolins is charged with assaulting a guard. And I am charged with treason against the realm. Very quickly, Dolins states that he would like trial by combat. My heart sinks at this. I am very worried for my dear friend!

Then it is my turn. I choose a "normal" trial, as does Teddy. Lord Redwyne starts with me. He calls Desmond against me first. He recalls that Meatball states that we were there to turn the house against them. I refute this, stating that it was not us, but Meatball who attempted to join our houses. Lord Paxter seems to warm to this idea a bit… Then comes Otto, aka Meatball. He recalls the true facts, though I refute this again, stating that this was not the way it went. Then Ballabar. He again, states the facts. But to him, I refute what he has said stating that this was just idle thoughts of my own. As a Maester, I state I often like thinking these mind games, and this is all that it was. Ballabar seems to throw daggers with his eyes at me… But after this, Lord Redwyne ponders for a bit, then declares I am innocent as I was just following my house orders!!! Huzzah! I step down and Gulliver celebrates with me by leaping to my shoulder and to safety! We hurry off together to join our brave knights.

Then comes the trial by combat… But there is a twist! Dolins has a solution for Lord Redwyne. He states that he would like to combat Meatball! Poor fool won't know what hit him! The lord accepts and Meatball scurries off to find a sword as Dolins performs a jailhouse ballad for everyone. Then the battle starts. Meatball charges at Dolins, and Dolins braces… Then Dolins quickly stabs Meatball in his sword arm! Ouch! He then states that he does not want to continue hurting the poor man, but if he will yield, he will let him off. He immediately yields. Well that went very well!

Now for Teddy… He refutes the testimony against him but from my side of the large crowd, it is hard to hear all the details. But I do hear that he is found guilty of the treason and that our house must pay a ransom of 400 dragons. Then for the murder… He states that Linus stole from him and suddenly, Lord Redwyne seems to sour on his own guard! He accuses him guilty and he is swiftly hung! What a plot twist!!! Well, this all turned out relatively well. Not how I envisioned it while sitting in my small cell!


What good fortune! That poor guard though… I’m hoping carsen gets to meet guliver!

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