Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

How do you solve a problem like Ser Bruce?

With Ser Bruce in the dungeons, the council gathers to discuss his fate. Lord Theodore recalls that House Belmore is in good standing with House Arryn, following perhaps only house Royce and a few others. We all agree that keeping or killing Ser Bruce is an almost certain bid for war, however, sending him may also have dire consequences. The rest of the small council ruminated on Lady Alys’ warning about their two kills for our nine, along with taking their horses and imprisoning their son, and how that would look to other houses. I reminded the others that it’s important to control the narrative beyond the numbers, that Ser Bruce and his hunting party were systematically hunting down humans and brutally mutilating them, that this kind of cruel insanity going unchecked poses a risk to all in the Fingers. After much deliberation, we agree we will let Ser Bruce go, and send a message by Rhaella to Snakewood’s maester to send to the citadel by raven with a request for new maester. While discussing how to develop more good will with our neighbors after realizing how few friends we have to call on in times of war, we receive an invitation from Lord Daryl of House Pryor, inviting House Jasper to a tournament in celebration of their appointment to Marshall of the Fingers.


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