Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Hunter's wife looks like a fisherman's wife ugly... but not as ugly as not being able to burn down a building.

"Perrin the Pennyless" huh? How Perrin has worked up so much debt is beyond me, but I do owe the guy, and unfortunately I gave my word. Not that it does me much good now…..

We first hit up Jamie at Winter's Repreve in Gulltown, which we first learn of Perrin's nickname. Kind of a nicely done up haunt, he has obviously done well for himself in the past, but the whole bar was empty. Unfortunately, my intimidation tactics, as good as they were firing an arrow between the fingers on his dice hand, did not sway him to forget Perrin's prior debts, although being as cunning as I am, thought of another tactic, try to help hm out with his business a bit. 

This leads us to first building we were supposed to dispose of (and evidently enough the other of Perrin's debts that he owes to). The Falcon's Nest, now this place was more my style, a place right by the docks, made me feel right at home. We enter and get immediately involved in the same game Perrin probably lost at. After playing for a while getting treated to some nice hospitality , we couldn't possibly burn down the Falcon's Nest. Instead, we offered to burn down Winter's Repreve. 

Carsen even offered to pay off Perrin's debts at the Falcon's Nest. What a nice guy. I'll have to think about helping him out in the future…….

……thought about….never in a million years….

Especially after he trusted some random Gultownian with trying to light it on fire…..idiot….called the city watch. Even after I set a great diversion. Find a hunter's wife, call her ugly… every time. Everyone know fisherman's wives are the ugliest. Needless to say, Perrin still has some debts to pay in Gulltown…….something I'll have to just deal with when we are back after our voyage north of the wall.


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