Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper


Thanks to by BFF Dolins!

We have been traveling for months when we finally arrive at River Run for the double wedding! Twice the wedded bliss, twice the drama, am I right? I am chilling with my main man Dolins while he scopes out a good performance area. I sit and listen to his excellent songs. We meet a man who is the uncle of one of the brides and seems to be quite angry. But we pay him no mind! Dolins is so kind he splits his earnings with me and even sings a beautiful song about Guliver!

After his performance, I am approached by some men stating they need help. They are of the Bracken and Blackwood houses and they state their cousins got into a fight. I walk over to help them and they are both hurt. I tend to the more injured Blackwood first which really angers the Bracken group. They state that this is a slight and even more reason our house will end. Just then, some Tully guards come over and disperse the angry men. The Blackwood men state that the fight was caused by general Bracken aggression when the Blackwood bumped into the Bracken man. I get away with helping one person and I am none the worse! It was a close call… I did not want to be pulled into that male drama!

The rest of the day ends rather peacefully, for me at least. There are many men drinking much more than they should. Probably trying to show how strong and manly they are while emptying their stomachs on the ground… Guliver, Dolins and I will stay to our good clean fun. As the night approaches, I am invited to stay in our Lady's fancy pavilion tent! I am exhausted and ready for a good night's sleep.


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