Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I fought the law...

... and the law won.

Now that we have the young heir back with us and our party is now only lacking our Maester, we need a plan. Luckily we came up with some of the best plans that Westeros has ever seen. Who would ever expect people to jump out of a wooden thing (wine cask) that had been brought inside of the palace as a gift. A plan so brilliant as this would never work… good thing we chose not to go with that one. Instead we chose to split up because this always works out much better than staying together. So Teddy and I were to go back to the cave, disable the two guards, take their uniforms, sneak into the castle, alert the other guards to the dead body in the cells, and then go find the maester… what could go wrong? Meanwhile, Calaila was to go to the castle seeking the aid of a maester. Then after we found Thad, we would escape with him and regroup at the inn. So we spent the day resting and then set our plan in motion. Teddy and I were able to sneak above the two guards. Much like Charlie Bronson, I always have a rope me, so I tied it into a noose. Deftly I was able to fish it around one guards neck and pull tight.

At this point everything started to go wrong…..! Teddy jumped down to fight the other guard. Only this youngster can't fight his way out of a leather satchel. Teddy was getting beat badly so I had to act. I tied my rope to a tree and vaulted down upon a guard breaking my fall with my shield and his body beneath me. Not wanting to stain the uniforms we would need with blood, I kept trying to strike the guard with my shield, however his armor was too strong. Teddy was shedding enough blood of his own so he decided to flee. Only apparently he can't run fast enough either! If he makes it out of this alive… I swear I'll force him to workout once in a while. My only hope was to continue to attack the guard closest to me, but alas, I too began to take some wounds. While being slain in combat in defense of the heir to House Jasper would be a sure way to have my name be written into legend, it would do no good to die here in the dark on an island far away from home where no one would learn of my actions. Regrettably, I too was forced to surrender. What will happen to us? Teddy escaped once before, maybe he can do it again. At least we are together. I wonder how Calaila managed? Hopefully much better than us. Hopefully she was able to safely make it inside the castle, find Maester Thad, and escape with him back to the inn.


I loved the sarcasm

I fought the law...

Love the Boondock Saints reference!

I fought the law...
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