Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I gave my eye for Ned Stark...

...and he never paid Carsen Thorne for it

With talk of rebellion, the past three weeks have been more eventful than I would have previously thought. Especially since Lord Ronnel sent me out to fetch this stranger rather than to keep watch over castle snow nook. This was a task which should have been left to me as Master-at-arms, but was instead left to that old fart, Samwell Stone. Before departing I did wish sam well (I have not recently become a man of jokes, until now, but we will come to that later), but knowing full well that he would not have to face any difficult circumstances yet. He is much more experienced, but far less talented when it comes to fighting. My only hope is that Lord Ronnal knew what he was doing. 

This is however a minor point to the main part of the last month of my story. Riding out towards the Eyrie, I encountered two strangers, one of of whom I would later come to find out who was the stranger I needed to find, Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell, the other would become the one whom I detest most, the unbearable farmer Carsen. 

On a side note, I would like to make it abundantly clear, that even though he has helped us through the past couple of weeks in many positive ways, I do not trust Carsen. He has a way with words that convinces even the most steadfast and purest of knights to do his bidding. detestable….especially his most recent jokes…

Despite refusing to initially help me save Eddard Stark from a group of Burned Men. Carsen eventually helped me, if you can even call it that….

We later learned that Lord Stark was needing to get back to Winterfell, and that myself, Mr. Thorne, as well as Ser Darren would need to help him get there. We ended up charting a boat, no thanks to the wooings of Carsen, again, to White Harbor. And that's where the fun began…

We ended up in a jail cell in the Breakwater, the seat of House Borrell, after getting shipwrecked somewhere I assume in the Three Sisters. There we met the ever pleasurable ogg, son of Godric and heir, who would later bring us up to a chamber and we would learn we were indeed in House Borrell, but only before being threatened with the worst unpleasentries. 

It was there that Lord Borell convicted us of treason against the iron throne and would have to try to trial by combat. Ser Darren, a most genuine of companions, volunteered after some discussion amongst ourselves. Things did not go so well for Ser Darren, in fact so much so that it made more sense to take matters into our own hands (me and carsen that is). It is then I charged, what I thought then might be heroically, at Lord Borell.

It was at this same instant, that out of the corner of my eye, I saw Carsen ask for a sword from one of the guards, who just gave it to him. Now either Carsen is some type of mind controlling wizard, or those two are in cahoots. I never could get that out him later…

After stealing Godric's Axe, I was able to get a couple hits on the guards before being defeated by the guards. It was at this point that Godric Borrell took his axe back and carved out my eye. A most painful of experiences, but not in the sense of pain, but as an expert crossbow marksman because I have relied on my ability to see my mark, and now that is hindered. 

I do not remember much past that, but the two of them must have seen things through and defeated ogg and Godric. It was at least enough that Carsen Thorne seemed to seek additional payment from Lord Stark….how unbearable…even more so than the endless one eye jokes muttered by Carsen or Ser Darren. 

We finally did make it to White Harbor and dropped of Ned Stark, only to be summoned again back to the Vale and to Gulltown. It could be a while before we return to Snownook….



Mind Controlling Wizard Vs. Cahoots. Sounds like this is in need of of further exploration and investigation. Mistrust in the Sunday crew is abound

I gave my eye for Ned Stark...


I gave my eye for Ned Stark...
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