Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I Spy with my little eye

The itsy-bitsy-spider

I had been playing my fiddle in my chambers when Lord Ronnel had us all assemble for an announcement. I awaited the news while recounting old stories of gatherings of the past. War may be upon House Jasper. Lord sent some of my friends off on a mission and I trust in their skills to carry out such a task. I will be eager to hear of their adventures when we meet again so I may craft a song of their bravery. On a disturbing note, there may be trouble here at castle Snownook. The maester brought a letter to Lord Ronnel that appeared to be already opened. It seems someone has an interest in the Lord's correspondence. After our Lord retired to his chambers, we proceeded to search for clues that might lead us to the source of this information leak.

I went to the ravenry and noticed that the lock on the door appeared to be out of proper maintence for several years and no longer functioned. Any passerby could have entered the room easily. Soon Thaddeus and Calaila met me and we all searched the inside of the ravenry together. The hand-maid and I noticed an empty wine glass under the writing desk. Subtly tried to notice if there was wine on the breath of anyone in the room, but no of them had a drink of wine for some time. Before moving back downstairs to investigate the kitchen, I mentioned to Thaddeus that he should have the lock fixed.

Calaila enterd the dinning room and as I followed her through the door she was struck by a ham flung from a the irresponsible, troublesome Waters twins. I had to resist the urge to pull a knife and throw it into a piece of fruit mid-air to teach them some manners. After this disruption, we made our way into the Kitchen. The heir Teddy joined us as we came across a young servent girl. Not recognizing her, I asked her name and duties to the House. I did not smell any wine on her breath either, which is good as she is only nine years old. She said she is Jayne a cup bearer. Calaila was able to easily pursuade the young girl to reveal that she had been intercepting messages coming into the ravenry, copying them down, resealing the original, and leaving the copies to be picked up by "The Spider". I know this pest to be the spy master for our enemy, Lord Varys. Unsure of our next course of action, we decided no to punish the young Jayne and devised a plan to have her continue leaving messages for the Spider, only now the message's contents would be of our own deciding. Teddy also suggested we follow the Spider after he retrieves the messages.

House Jasper will never go on to glory if our enemies have inside information about the house. This discovery must be made to work in our advantage and I look forward to someday writing an exciting story about the defeat of Lord Varys and his "Spider" pet.


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