Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I was almost a badass... Almost...

Somehow Calaila found a trap door under a mat! That sneaky girl. One day I'll get her to tell me all her tales… So Tantos' men found the trap door and followed her down. I try to deceive Tantos by acting as if I don't know who he is looking for, but he doesn't buy it.

Tantos keeps hacking away throughout the time we are upstairs and I keep pestering him to see if I can take a look at him. He really doesn't sound good… He finally relents and I examine him. After I finish, I offer to make him up a coughing draft and he agrees. I ask Teddy to help me prepare this in the kitchen and I let him into my secret. I will indeed help him, but I was also planning to put milk of the poppy into the draft, causing him to fall asleep! I did think of poisoning him to kill him, but with his strong men all around, that seems too risky. Teddy agrees this seems like a good idea and the draft is made!

I offer this to Tantos and he takes a good swig. He starts speaking in Lyse and then swiftly falls asleep. I try to explain this is normal to the guards but they do not seem to understand… Teddy tries to mime poorly, but this is lost on them as well.

So we wait! We sit around and have some lunch and wait for about 6 hours, until Tantos wakes up. He asks about the girl again and then starts yelling in Lyse to his guards. He then turns on the innkeep Bathue and has him sprawled on a table and has a finger removed! He starts to have another removed but then Dolins intervenes and attempts to stop the innkeep's pain. Tantos demands 1000 dragons. In rebuttal, Dolins points out we have helped to heal him when we could have killed him. Dolins finally lets Tantos go with the "knowledge" that Calaila is a dishwasher in the arbor, which was true at one time! Tantos states that if he is wrong, they will meet again… And then he leaves… Dolins, ever the kind soul, then gives the innkeeper a gold dragon for his pain.


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