Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I'm pulling my weight, right?

Go team!

As the Lynderly horsemen approached our party, I was unsure if they recognized me as the heir to their rival house. Seeing their numbers and not knowing their motives, I attempted to hand my father's scroll to the knight without announcing my status so he might provide us safe passage. This did not work at all how I hoped. The knight ripped up the scroll without reading it! That message from Lord Jasper could have been useful later on! I felt like a major dyngus for letting that happen. Luckily, Dolins can lay on the charm, and played a round of throwing knives with the knight, who allowed us to pass.

We managed to travel unimpeded to the Mountains of the Moon when we were caught in a serious snow storm. Conditions were unbearable, and our Maester was especially vulnerable to the elements. After 2 hours, I spotted a cave in the side of a nearby cliff and led our party to the entrance. The five of us entered the cave together and Maester Thad, Dolins, and Calaila lit their lanterns. Feeling uneasy about this cave, I left my lantern in my pack and decided I would stick to the shadows away from the lanterns. At the first main intersection, we decided to split up and explore different directions. Calaila and I went to the right, Dolins and Thad went left, and Maelys stayed silently at the intersection.  

We had been apart for only a few minutes when we heard Dolins yell. Calaila and I ran as fast as we could to our friends, but the scene was grim by the time we arrived. Dolins took two wounds and fell behind Maelys for reprieve, and Maester Thad was on the ground. Calaila was crouched at the side of the cave assessing the scene as I ran past. With all the commotion and the flickering light, I successfully snuck around the tussle, behind the two aggressors. I was about to draw my dagger, when Calaila somehow stabbed one of them in the neck! Woah! Where did that come from??? There is more to that handmaid than I originally thought. In quick succession, Dolins threw a knife in the chest of the other and falls him! Boom!! Dead!!

I hope everyone is okay… I was thinking we would wait out the storm in this cave, but now we may not have a choice.


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