Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I'm taking what they're giving

cause I'm stealing for a living

As the trial comes to and end, and the spectators start to disperse. immediately House Jasper devolves into mindless squabbling. Carsen and Jardon argue about nothing, and I remember why I didn't miss them while we were separated. I'm unable to hide my impatience, and suggest we get a move on before House Redwyne puts us back on trial.

Teddy leads us down to the water and shows us a note to meet him at the a blue building-this is where our group meets Tess and Rusty,  "The Duke". The name Rusty of the Arbor rings a bell from my past, and I've heard of his talents in thievery. They tell us of promises to the Redwyne fortune with their knowledge of the underground cave system. My ears perk up. This seems like an  opportunity to increase my wealth and jumpstart my climb up the rungs of society. 

I pull Tess aside to discuss the nature of the mission. She shares that the reason previous looters have been unsuccessful in the past is because they've gone in one at a time, and our large group numbers give us a greater chance of success. I want in. We negotiate the terms with Rusty and Tess, and commit to the mission, despite some of the reluctance from our Maester and Bard.  During our time of this island, I've slummed around, gotten soaked in dirty dishwater and had my patience tested by an irate cook waiting for House Jasper to foolishly pursue their meaningless goals-it's my turn now.

We meet Tess and make our way to the cave, where I somehow learn for the first time that she doesn't even know how to navigate the system. While my concerns are raised, I push on, ready to flex my bandit muscles from my past. Our group slowly creeps into the foul smelling cave, and around our very first corner, Carsen awakens a swarm of cutter ants that immediately slashes into Ser Darron, Jardon and Dolins. As they light the swarm aflame, I slowly back away, knowing my stiletto will do little defeat them. 


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