Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

In August’s small body, I hurl myself at the closest armed stranger I see. My teeth sink into his neck and blood fills my mouth before the ship lurches to the starboard side. The man comes back at me and I see a flash of steel before I feel a searing pain in my leg. Boiling with adrenaline, I snap at the man again and rip his throat out, spraying the deck red. I spy another man hulking towards the young squire Thomas and the lordling, who has been knocked down, on the other side of the ship, and lunge at the stranger’s turned back. It does not take long until his insides have spilled into the sea water sloshing across the deck as well. Several loud thuds ring out above my head, and I see that a host of new enemies have boarded the Rambis. Tired and panting heavily as the efforts of my kills weigh me down, I head towards the man closest to Teddy and Thomas, but my efforts barely break through the fray.


daniel_burns_jr azamelis