Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

In the Belly of the Snakebeast

From the kennels, I run to what turns out to be the barracks at Snakewood. As my paws softly pad to the entrance, I hear a knight admonishing a soldier- “I don’t care whose idea it was to put the fish underneath my mattress, SOMEBODY’S gonna pay!” I peak my muzzle around the corner of the hall, and see what I count to be approximately a couple hundred straw beds for Snakewood soldiers. I back up and see that around the corner is the armory, guarded by two soldiers with spears. I consider trying to sneak past them to see what House Lynderly has in terms of weapons, but decide to keep getting a lay of the land by entering farther into the grounds, making a mental note that the armory may house information that could be useful to return to later. There are far more weapons and dangerous foes out in the real world than there were back home…

It isn’t long before I find myself in the castle marketplace, where I overhear noble ladies chatting softly about a Royce man. They speak in hushed secretive tones, and I think it may be useful to follow them, but they quickly are ushered into the castle keep through another door heavily guarded. I can’t return from my first mission for House Jasper with no valuable information…so it’s time to get creative.


daniel_burns_jr azamelis