Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Interviews with an Innkeeper

With "Orville" dead in his own vomit, Thad immediately went to investigating, and identified that he had been poisoned with Greycap! My paranoia was well founded to know that our hosts are murders…

Our group conferred about what to do next. I reminded them that we still don't know that "Orville" even is who he says he is, and that our intended destination is his so called family, and that we may be wisest to butt out, but it appeared that my comrades were having none of it, and wanted to investigate. Always the heroes…

Teddy snuck downstairs, and returned with Mosha, who denied her involvement in any foul play and confirmed her understanding that the man was named Orville Whent. While Teddy and Maelys removed the body, and Thad and Dolins snuck downstairs, I spoke with Mosha. She shared that she didn't have any definitive proof about Orville's identity, and agreed that he may have been killed by Greycap, which apparently grows with abundance. She expressed amiability towards me, and I expressed thanks to her for sharing her knowledge with me by cleaning up the, ahem, bodily fluids.

I also spoke with Maggie, another staff member of the Inn, who admitted to having an affair with Orville just prior to her starting employment at the Inn one year ago. He had promised to marry her, but didn't follow through. She moved away from the Wain's because of the discrimination she faced because of her bastard name.


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