Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

After the second serpent has been slayed, I turn around to see Dolins, Denys and Teddy are once again battered and burnt from the sneak attack. Jardon is urged to take the lead in the next leg, and we step into a large room with three doors. The south door leads only to an empty hallway, but the north door  leads to a large lavish room with a massive stone block in the middle. Darron and Teddy peer over it, and as if by divine intervention,  Darron unsheaths the sword he found and inserts it into the stone block, causing the door I'm standing next to to raise! "Incredible! How did you know how to do that?!" I exclaim. Darron shrugs, and we walk over to see he has uncovered the final staircase towards the roost.

As we near the top of a long staircase, I hear something, something large, breathing. I freeze and tug on Darron's cloak. "There's something up there!" I whisper in a panic. Jardon turns back around, with wide eyes and makes a motion indicating theres a huge snake around the corner. As he pulls out his axe, we see licks of orange flame appear behind his back from around the wall.

I cautiously move forward, and see Jardon and Denys run into the room. Moments later, an enormous roar erupts from where they ran to, and fire lights up the whole staircase. I sneak around the corner and run over to stand behind a column. As I take a moment to catch my breath, to prepare for attacking this unbelievable monster, I feel a snake slither up my leg and at once, coil tight around me, sucking the air out of my lungs. I struggle to get free, but to no avail. The snake chomps down on my shoulder and I yelp out in pain, trying desperately to get free. Please, old gods, new gods, fire gods, whatever gods, don't let me die here in this strange land, alone in this corner. I hack away at it again and again, but it keeps holding on tighter. It reels back, and aims right at my throat, tearing into my scar from where Olivia had attacked me. As I feel the last bit of life escaping from me, the snake miraculously loosens its grip, wailing as it shrivels away. I look around the column and am GOBSMACKED to see that my rescuer was none other than our handsome, brave lordling. A bloody long axe in hand, Teddy struck the final blow to my attacker, and I have never been so grateful. Get this man a crown!

As I take a moment to get my breath back, I see a triumphant Teddy trot off to slay another snake. Inspired by his courage, I follow and raise my stiletto only to see that all the other snakes were dying at the hands of my house members. I can hardly believe it, but we have the eggs in hand and are the only ones left standing in the roost.


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